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(PDF) Simon Balle All-through School Over-arching Safeguarding Statement

(Word) Simon Balle All-through School Over-arching Safeguarding Statement



Admissions: Admission Arrangements 2018-19  We follow HCC Admissions guidelines – please see www.hertsdirect.org/admissions for more details

BehaviourBehaviour for Learning Policy (with primary)  (updated May 2017)

*Exclusion Policy forms part of the Behaviour for Learning (with primary) policy.  https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/school-exclusion-guidance-proposed-revisions

Anti Bullying: Anti Bullying Policy  (updated October 2017)

Charging: Charging Policy   (reviewed September 2017)

Safeguarding – Child Protection:  Child Protection Policy (issued July 2017)

ComplaintsComplaints Policy and Procedure  (reviewed April 2017)

(There were 0 complaints during 2016)

Equality Policy:  Equality Policy  (reviewed Oct 2017)

Inclusion:  Inclusion Policy (SEND)  (issued October 2017)

School Improvement Plan:  School Improvement Plan summaries 2017-18

Whistleblowing PolicyWhistleblowing Policy (reviewed January 2017)

see also:

Data Protection Act 1998 – Primary

Data Protection Act 1998 – Secondary