Pupil Premium is additional funding that is allocated to ensure that all pupils, from Reception through to Year 11, are given the same opportunities to achieve academically so that no pupil is disadvantaged due to economic or social circumstances. The three identified groups entitled to the Pupil Premium are; 1) students who are currently, or who have been entitled to free school meals at any point over the past 6 years (ever 6), 2) children in local authority care or adopted from local authority care and 3) students who have at least one parent working for the Armed Services or have had at some point in the past 3 years.

At Simon Balle All-through School we strive to ensure that all students, irrespective of their individual circumstances, achieve the very best outcomes.  Below you will find a copy of our latest Pupil Premium report.  Please note, the governor listed was the link governor during the period being reported on - up to date governor info is available on the Governing Body.

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium 2017-18

The amount of funding that we will receive from the government has not yet been confirmed. However, we expect to receive a similar amount to that received for the previous academic year (2016-2017) which was £13,500.

We will use the funding to appoint two members of staff with primary education experience to work with students for an hour a week.

Students who scored less than 95 in Reading or Maths in the end of KS2 SATs will be selected for catch-up intervention.

This year’s allocation will be spent in a similar way as we spent last year’s.

Last year 11 students who had a standardised reading score at an appropriate level received an introductory 4 sessions of literacy intervention and then a 6 session programme of SOUND training.

4 students who did not meet the criteria for the SOUND programme continued with Literacy intervention session.

15 students received Maths intervention over 2 or 3 terms, depending on progress.

In September 2013 – OFSTED stated in their report of the school: Year 7 catch-up funding has been used to fund additional teaching assistants who work with selected students. As a result, three quarters of these students exceeded their targets by the end of last academic year.

At the end of the most recent academic year, all students allocated literacy funding made great progress towards their full English end of Year 8 target (which includes writing as well as reading). 100% of students are on track to meet this target and 27% of students have already met or surpassed this target.

All students having numeracy intervention made great progress towards their Maths target for the end of Year 8 (covering a range of topics across all aspects of Maths). 100% of these students were on track to meet their Maths target for the end of Year 8 with 33.33% of students already exceeding this target.

At the end of the year all students having catch-up intervention were working at least at the equivalent of a score of 95.5 in KS2 SATS (or a 4c).