July 2020

One incredible team. Thank you.

When it came round to showing the summer concert online, it was a nervous time. For me – how would it work, would it show correctly, what would it sound like, was it worth all the effort? For Heather who had put the concert together – how would it be received, would it all be together? What was shown was a fabulous team achievement. So many musicians involved, so much time spent putting it all together right across our school.

The online concert seems to have embraced all that was great about Team Music during the past few months – getting on with it and enjoying that little bit of normality, if we can call it that. Feedback from so many people has highlighted how having music lessons and activities, even if online was so good for so many reasons. Some families have been able to be more involved in their young musicians’ learning. Musicians have been on time for lessons, ready and having practised. The sense of connection has still been there. We have listed to past performances online, we have collaborated in projects, we have laughed, we have stayed in touch. A masterclass or two, an amazing Rock School recording project using Soundtrap, online rehearsals and catch ups, fantastic curriculum work created, an adult choir rehearsing online, a singing showcase, many online performances and much more. Most importantly, the learning continued from day one from the youngest to the most senior of our musicians.

It has been an incredible team achievement. Families, alumni, teachers, support staff, governors, leaders, musicians joining us in September, our education partners and most importantly our musicians. It has been an inspiration to see everyone come together to support in a way never seen before. Music has been a sense of release, a sense of normality, a sense of fun.

So, thank you to everyone. If you donated for our concert to help our musicians next year, if you supported our move online, if you supported a musician, if you turned up for lessons, if you listened to a recording, if you responded to an email, if you watched a video, if you helped keep us going, if you completed your practice, if you completed even more practice than normal. Being part of Team Music is quite amazing. Next term our music will continue, slightly differently, but we will be still creating just as much music.

Going back to the Summer Concert. With 180 families watching at that moment online and 1300 views so far, who would have thought that our amazing musical community would come together in such a way. That is the power of our music and our community. Team Music.

Be proud. Thank you.