Dear Parents 


We would like to thank everyone in our community for all that was achieved in the autumn term of 2020 – thanks to parents, children, staff and governors our students received an enriched experience and had a great understanding of all of the measures needed to keep everybody safe. We believe that this along with the actions taken in school on a daily basis, meant that we unlike other local schools, were able to carry out a highly sophisticated track and trace system which resulted in very few children actually missing school.  We are grateful too, for the many messages, cards and gifts we received from so many parents, thanking us for working so hard, whilst putting in so many health and safety adjustments, still focusing upon a first class educational experience for all of the students. 


However, as we enter this new spring term, we would like to politely remind everyone that  it is a social responsibility that we all share as adults – all parents, staff and governors – to follow all Covid-19 national guidance to keep everyone safe and minimise any transmission, particularly with this new strain of the virus. Everyone’s conscience, must guide us to:

  • Socially distance at all times 
  • Not leave the house if any of the household display any Covid-19 symptoms at all, including a new continuous cough, high temperature, loss or change in taste or smell
  • Perhaps most importantly, if any member of the household deem it necessary to get a Covid-19 test, for any reason at all, the whole household must isolate immediately. It is not possible to have a test ‘just in case’ or ‘as a precautionary measure’ – any test means that all in the household need to stay at home until a negative result is received. To seek a test must mean that there is a chance, albeit remote, that there could be an infection
  • Ensure that you know that your own children are following the rules 


All parents are so aware of the tensions surrounding the start to the Spring Term; keeping children and staff safe, coupled with the vast importance of children being educated, which is entwined with their wellbeing. What is so irritating is the rapid changes of policy and decisions. 


We with all other secondary schools are delivering learning remotely this first week to all students (except for those particular categories) and are planning on welcoming back Years 11 and 13 next week. The external public exams this week will take place and many of those students will get further information from their teachers, including revision sessions. 


The reason for this delay is for the preparation of testing in schools. This is a vast job; rooms allocated have to abide by certain regulations, for example, flooring and doors. Staff need to be trained and allocated roles. We will need volunteers to help us but as yet we can not commit to times, but we will need to be flexible. These staff do not administer the actual test (the individual does this themself) but rather is involved in other aspects. There is also a lot of paperwork including consents that need to be sorted and parents need to understand that tests are not entirely reliable. The other mitigation measures we tackle daily need to be kept to at all times. 


So, we await further information as to when and how we can start, and shall keep you informed of our plans. If you do feel that you can offer help, please email into with your details so we can contact you. Thank you.  


Please do look at our remote learning information below. This will also be explained to students in a pre recorded virtual briefing at 8:45am tomorrow morning and lessons will start at 9.00am.


So a happy new year to all and we sincerely hope, a more positive one. 


Alison Saunders


Key Information for Remote Learning Period January 5th – 15th:


All students must ensure they are attached to a Google Classroom for all their classes as we will set work via the class’s Google Classroom and students can return work also. Links to ‘live lessons’ or pre-recorded Google meetings are accessible on this platform.


The information below provides a process to which students should be accessing work during anytime remote learning is required.  



  • Registration: students will be sent a Google Form every morning at 8.15am so they can register their attendance by 8.45am. Parents must notify the school, in the usual process, if their child is unwell
  • Students and staff will follow their timetable (Same timetable as the final week of term with KS3 lunch earlier than KS4/5 and Learning for Life at the end of the day with the form tutor)
  • All work will be set on Google Classroom – students MUST ensure they are signed up to a Google Classroom for each of their subjects and contact their teacher if there is an issue 
  • We aim to have 50% of lessons each week be ‘Live’ or Pre-recorded. We will be prioritising Y11 and Y13 exam classes this week.
  • Live lesson interaction may vary. Students may have the teacher visible only at the start and/or end of the lesson, the teacher may be online throughout the whole period leading instructions or interact only when specific timed tasks have been completed. 
  • Pre-recordings may be sent to students instead of a ‘live lesson’ to help explain the context of the lesson.
  • Online lessons will be between 40-60 minutes depending on the Key Stage and context of the lesson. Work will be accessible to all students.
  • Work can be submitted on Google Classroom as per normal. Feedback can take a variety of forms.



KS3 students also have access to optional, enrichment resources in every year group that will complement the annual curriculum content. At KS4, these materials include retrieval/revision activities linked to their GCSE subject and exams.


  • Year 7 Google Classroom code: nqseq5k
  • Year 8 Google Classroom code: ke7ynum
  • Year 9 Google Classroom code: gxs7rtt
  • KS4 Google Classroom code: ncltrds


As always, we value your cooperation and support in these times. Our experiences over the previous school closure period found that students operated best when they were kept in good routines and had plenty of breaks for exercise and relaxation. When students are online, please ensure that their device has charge and that they are situated in an appropriate area with suitable dress – with all resources and materials nearby. 


As a school we put a lot of emphasis on values and wellbeing. The pastoral team will continue to support students remotely through a range of methods such as form tutor google tutorials, online counselling, virtual assemblies and contact for the Heads of year. Students are encouraged to continue the work that we have already introduced to them around the 10 Keys to Happiness


If you have any queries, please email the member of staff concerned.