Our incredible musicians

What is incredible about music at Simon Balle is the enthusiasm and musicality of our students. We have so many musicians wanting to be part of Team Music. Hard work, practice and support from home will ensure that students thrive and achieve their potential. I realise I might have said this many times in the past, but with our busy lives, we need more reminding of this than we used to have.

Our musicians are at the heart of what we achieve, with your support. We are a team. We need to constantly communicate and ensure each musician is inspired, knowing what their long term musical aims are.

With so many performances and a tour to come, I know we will have so many more amazing memories that will be made. Together, we can make them incredible memories for life.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music.

Trinity Rock & Pop Results - March 2024

Click the image to see the fantastic Rock & Pop exam results! Congratulations to all students!


Trinity Classical Exam Results - March 2024

Click the image to see our brilliant Trinity Classical results! Congratulations to all students!


Larch Celebration of Music!

A brilliant evening of Larch Music!

The students demonstrated such high enthusiasm across the evening, and the standard of music they demonstrated was enjoyable to watch!

From Katy Perry, to Fleetwood Mac to The Sound of Music, there was so much variety to cater to all!

We are very proud of our students!

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Rock Gig!

An incredible Rock Gig last night. Over 200 in attendance, including around 65 performers, the gig is a wonderful example of our amazing school community, From Year 7 to Yr 13, the quality of music and performance on display was an inspiration. Everyone supporting everyone else. The confidence, the inclusiveness, the wow moments, the team work. So much on display from our wonderful musicians.

We are so proud of the students involved!

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Wind & Brass: Pop Hits Edition

An incredible evening with fantastic music from very talented individuals! There was such a variety, including Madness, Taylor Swift, Elton John, The Beatles, and so much more - there really is something for everyone!

The children were amazing, again, you all work so hard and it really pays off, blown away, again.
Thank you, having a reason to play your instrument and not just at lesson times makes it so worthwhile.
Many people around us were also saying how much they enjoy the concert.
Favourite piece was Candyman, love the jazziness of it.

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Singing Evening with Ms Kemp

Another brilliant singing evening with Ms Kemp's students! From musical theatre, to pop, there was something for everyone.

Students performed brilliantly, with such confidence! Certainly an evening of inspiration.

Singing in front of an audience is a wildly different to singing in front of one singing teacher, each student did a fantastic job at making it seem so easy and the end result was fantastic! Well done to all!

The videos can be found here:

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On the Mic

Over the next few months, we will be sitting down with students and talking about their musical journey during their time at Simon Balle. It’s an exciting opportunity to get to know more students, while also inspiring others!

We are calling this little segment 'On the Mic' - make sure you are following us on Instagram to ensure you don't miss any episodes!

Episode 1


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What's Coming up?

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From piano recitals across the school, to the final Rock Gig!

What’s On

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