On Monday the 7th June a number of Year 9 students took part in a zoom Question and Answer session with a local councillor.  We would like to say thank you to Councillor Jan Goodeve for kindly giving up her time to discuss with students a wide range of issues, from introducing picnic benches on Hartham Common to party politics and the voting age.

“We started off with a short meeting on what was to come and educating each other on the three tiered system of local government. It was interesting and everyone learnt something. Before the digital surgery the rest of the group and I researched Councillor Goodeve so that we could ask some more direct questions as well as the ones we wanted to ask any politician. During the meeting we asked and answered questions and people were comfortable inputting ideas. I am glad I had this opportunity to understand local politics and how important everyone is.” Zoe Gollop, Year 9.