Y12 Fluid Mosaic Models

Y12 Biologists have been learning about the Fluid Mosaic Model of the cell surface membrane of cells. They have been making excellent 3D plasticine models to help them understand the structure.

A good start to their biological studies.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

macmillan-banner-2014-01On Friday 26th staff held a Macmillan Coffee Morning – with homemade cakes for sale at break time.  Simon Balle alumni Sarah Newstead and Sheila Kumar came in to coordinate the fund raising activity.


A fantastic £268.94 was raised – thanks to all who contributed!

7M Pen Portraits

Y7 have been creating pen portraits’ of themselves in English. Here are some fantastic examples by the very talented 7M. They chose words to describe themselves and then used the language as ‘paint’. The girls claim it took them longer to complete the activity than the boys, because they have more hair!

As you can see below, the results are as individual as the students.  Can you see anyone you know?

House Points Update

Today’s leader board for House Points is shown below (scores taken at 2pm Friday)

You can also see which students have gained the highest score this week. You can always check how your child has contributed to their house total via your Go4Schools logon.


Successful Y7 Transition Activity

BITSP MusicStarting secondary school can be a daunting process and the increase in homework, number of class books and finding your way around the a new school can make the transition even harder. This year we have made changes to the primary transition programme. On transition evening not only did the current y7s find out what form they were going to be in and meet their new form tutor, students were also set the task of reading the book ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and completing a piece of work from the summer takeaway menu.

Y7 rose to the challenge and all students completed at least one of the tasks sets. Some even completing all 4 tasks! Instead of jumping straight into a new curriculum, students were taught two weeks of lessons based on the novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne in English, Geography, History, PRE, Maths, Music and Drama. The students’ work was written into a their scrapbooks so that they only had to look after one book for all of their  6 subjects. A variety of different tasks were completed from looking at the accuracy of the text, how the author created the characters, how countries have changed and the relationships between the characters.

BITSP MathsThe work was completed to a very high standard and students were able to make references back to the book throughout. To continue helping students settle in smoothly homework was only set in these subjects during the first two weeks, which allowed them to steadily get used to the increase of homework.

Congratulations to Y7 on an excellent start at SBS. I look forward to seeing you showcase your hard work in assembly and at the core learning evening on the 7th October!

Political Ideolo-trees

liberalism_crop_rotateAs part of their studies on political parties for their AS Government and Politics, y12 students have been investigating the major ideologies that have shaped political parties around the world; conservatism, liberalism and socialism.  The students researched the roots of the ideologies and the key thinkers involved.  They also looked at the different branches or factions within the ideologies and their core beliefs.  Previously the students had investigated more radical and/or fringe ideologies and taught each other about them and their significance.  These ideologies included fascism, communism and anarchism, among others.

3_tress_croppedStudents used excellent research skills and then presented the ideas to rest of the group and produced the Ideolo-tree as a way of illustrating their information.  This is also available for quick reference in future lessons about political parties in the UK.  We will be looking at the development of the parties, their core beliefs and how they have changed over time:  It is time to think about ‘Old Labour’ v ‘New Labour’ and is ‘Red Ed’ really that red?  How Thatcherite are the Conservatives under Cameron? and How liberal have the Liberal Democrats been in coalition?

Y11 Plants in Focus

Y11 Biologists have made a great start to the year so far.

As part of the Biology GCSE ‘It’s A Green World‘ module, Y11 have been learning about the structure and function of plants. They have completed several experiments, made observations of roots and stems and made some fantastic models of the structure of a leaf.





Microscope work



Speaker’s Corner – St John Ambulance

SC St JohnsLibrary Leader, Oliver from Y10 from Lea House began our new year’s Speaker’s Corner events on Friday with an interesting talk on St John Ambulance. Using his  notes he spoke very fluently and with great enthusiasm about this leading first aid charity.

He has been involved in the organisation for over 4 years and brought along his uniform and certificates for audience members to see. It was good to welcome some Y7 students in the Library for the event. Well done, Oliver!

SBS Big Band At Wodson Park Celebration

BigBand WodsonThere are often not enough words to describe how good music can be and what an effect it can have.  However, the Big Band on Saturday night summed up all that is great about Simon Balle and was the perfect example of the ‘Simon Balle Student’ in action – professional, working as a team, outstanding quality, enthusiastic, hard working, popular, perfectly behaved.

They performed for the Wodson Park 25th Anniversary Celebrations on Saturday and the reception they received was totally amazing.  Council members and local decision makers were there hearing and seeing how good the music was and what our students and our school can achieve.

Book Club Visit to Haileybury

79 Hailey CHStudents from Y7 – 9 heard the popular author, Charlie Higson, speak at a large event at nearby Haileybury School. As well as being the creator of the young James Bond Silverfin series, Charlie has now written ‘The Enemy’ novels.

Our students enjoyed the occasion, sitting on the front row of the huge hall. They also joined in during the Q and A sessions at the end of the lively talk. Thanks to Mrs Pearson and Mrs Mullen for accompanying the students.