Y7 Identity Project

Y7 Indentity TextilesTo help us get to know our Y7 students better, we have set them the task of designing a cushion in Textiles which tells us something about their identity.

Using a variety of different decorative techniques including applique, batik, sublimation, tie dye and embroidery the students have achieved some fantastic results and have shared a bit of their personality with the class.

Choral Concert And Requiem

On Saturday 11th March our school and adult choirs joined forces with the Broxbourne Chorus to perform a concert of choral music. This included a performance of the Requiem by John Rutter. It was a fabulous occasion, and the Rutter especially was magnificent. Please take time to listen to the recordings via the link below.

Science Week Dissections

During science week we were fortunate to have a group of vets from the RVC visit us and carry out a number of dissections. We saw 2 foxes, 2 chickens and a huge python being dissected by experienced vets who explained the complex anatomy of these animals. The foxes were particularly pungent – but with the help of paper towels dabbed in perfume, over 60 students remained enthralled.

They also brought along a live Python for students to see and stroke. We did keep it away from the dissected python!  Please take a look at the photos – but be aware that the photos are of dissections.

A Level Exhibition

A big thank you to everyone who came to support our Y12 and 13 Photography and Art students on Monday at the Leaf Café.  It was a fantastic evening which gave students the opportunity to share their current work with parents and the local community.

A selection of work will remain on show at the Leaf Café for the next two weeks.

Art exhibition 1 Art exhibition 2


Visit To The National Apprenticeship Show

NAS 2017 2Last Monday over 45 students from Y10-13 attended the National Apprenticeship Show in Milton Keynes. Our students had the opportunity to engage with over 100 employers and providers showcasing the potential apprenticeship and trainee schemes available to them post-Simon Balle.

Employers including Amazon, BT, IBM, Lloyds Banking Group, NHS, Santander, Volkswagen and Volvo presented a range of opportunities to inspire students’ potential career paths.

NAS 2017 1An insightful, interesting and interactive experience.” Charlie Stokes Y12

It broadened what I thought I could do after sixth form”  Christian Carroll Y11

It helped me to gain knowledge of what areas are available for me to go into with the interests I have.” Louis Farrelly Y12


Library Makes International Link

NZ LibrarianI recently met with Michelle Simms whilst she was visiting the United Kingdom on a scholarship. Together with 3 other local school librarians who are part of the Herts Children’s Book Group, we swapped tips and exchanged ideas. Michelle works at Te Totara Primary School (www.tetotara.school.nz) which is a growing school in Hamilton, New Zealand. As well as visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh she is fitting in libraries and conferences in London, Cambridge, Ipswich and St Albans.

Michelle was interested to hear about our primary students and the ways in which they access our books and resources. Hopefully we shall be able to work together in the future!

County Shield Rugby Finals Today

Congratulations to the Y9 & Y10 Boys Rugby Teams who have qualified for the County Shield Finals which take place today at The Woolams Playing Fields, St Albans (AL3 6BB) from 4.30pm onwards. Last Monday evening the Y9 Boys played a closely contested match against St. Mary’s school and won with a last minute try 21-19. The previous week our Y10 boys played Longdean in another closely contested semi-final winning 29-19.

Your support would be greatly appreciated:

Y9 v Marlborough School – Kick off (4.30pm)

Y10 v Thomas Alleyne School – Kick off (6pm)

Who Wants To Be A (Word) Millionaire?

Congratulations to these amazing readers in Y7 who have each clocked up over a million words of ‘Accelerated Reader’ reading so far this year. How many more millionaires will we have by July? Y7s, check your AR dashboards to see if you might be on our next roll of honour.  Look out for information about Readathon which is coming up in two weeks and boost your scores for a good cause!

AR Millionaires

Science Week Finished With A BANG!

For the last lunchtime activity of science week myself and Miss Coulbeck held an amazing ‘Whiz Bang’ workshop.  Lots of students came along and had an opportunity to make a sugar snake and try out some flame tests. They then watched an exciting demo of a reaction between diet coke and mentos mints that causes the beverage to spray out of its container. The gas released by the candies creates an eruption that pushes most of the liquid up and out of the bottle. This was followed by a big explosion of Thermite which  shows the highly exothermic reaction between aluminium and iron oxide that produces molten iron, used to weld railway lines together. All pupils then had the opportunity to light methane bubbles, fun and flammable – check out the photos!

Miss Coulbeck finished off the exciting lunch time activities with killing a Jelly Baby in potassium chlorate.   This is a notoriously unstable compound which thermally decomposes and reacts with the sugar in the Jelly Baby. A reaction catalysed by manganese dioxide demonstrates catalysis in a clear and striking manner creating a glowing flame of purple from the potassium and lots of smoke that smells like candy floss due to the sugar.

4…no, 5 Teams Into District Football Finals

Football-2Congratulations to the Y7, Y9 & Y10 Boys Football teams who have qualified this week for the District finals. Last week the Y7 Boys beat St. Marys 2-0, on Monday the Y9 boys beat Richard Hale 1-0 and on Thursday the Y10 boys beat Goffs 2-1. In 6 years prior to this we have only had 2 boys teams make District Finals, which demonstrates our success this year!

Our Y9 Girls have also made the District final and play John Warner. Please do come along and support the teams in their quest to become District champions.

STOP PRESS: Y8 girls have also reached their District Finals.

The games take place:

Y7 Boys – Weds 22nd March at Sele (kick off – 4pm)

Y8 Girls – Weds 29th March at Haileybury Turnford (Kick off – 3.30pm)

Y9 Girls – Weds 22nd March at Haileybury Turnford (Kick off – 3.30pm)

Y9 & 10 Boys – tbc