Saracens Cheerleading

Last week Y8 and 9  girls had a taster session in their PE lessons for cheerleading with a Saracens cheerleading coach.
The girls were brilliant and we had some great lifts and moves demonstrated.
There will be a cheerleading club starting from Thursday 25th September 7:45am – 8:35am for  Y8 and 9.
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House Points Update

The latest leader board for House Points is shown below (scores taken at 4pm Friday!)

Please check Friday evening each week for the latest totals. You can always check how your child has contributed to their house total via your Go4Schools logon.


Fantastic Start To AS History

Y12 history hitlerAS History students have made a fantastic start to the course. They are currently studying the ‘Rise of Hitler’ in preparation for their enquiry exam. They have been using sources to gather information about Hitler’s rise to Chancellor in January 1933. Students gave presentations and had quite a fiery debate about whether Hitlers rise was political intrigue.

Well done Y12!

Y7 Rugby Club

Y7 rugbyIt was lovely to see the enthusiasm and knowledge of the boys that turned out for the  first y7 rugby training session ahead of the competitive season.

I’m sure this cohort will grow into a strong and competitive rugby side in their time at Simon Balle.

GCSE History Students Prepare For Controlled Assessment

Y11 geogY11 History students are studying the Vietnam War for their Controlled Assessment. In preparation for this they have been using hexagons to identify links between the American Presidents and their tactics. Y11 geog 2Students also used 6×6 learning grids to consider why the American Presidents made the choices they did.

Great start y11, keep it up!

Shoebox Synagogues

Our y11 students used shoeboxes and various other craft materials to make some amazing model synagogues last week.

They worked tirelessly to put together the right seating, furniture and symbolic objects. Some also gave a lot of thought to the people they would have in the congregations. Excellent work y11  - a great start to the year and a lot learnt about Jewish prayer and worship.

Library holds Roald Dahl Day Quiz

R Dahl quiz 12 sept 14On Friday 8 teams of Y7 and Y8 students took part in our annual Roald Dahl Day Quiz in the Library. Mr Belsey was the Quiz Master posing searching questions about Roald Dahl’s life and writing. Students were eager to show their knowledge of Roald Dahl’s books which are very popular here at Simon Balle.

Congratulations to the winners: Louis from Y7 and the team of Oliver and Ben from Y8. In good Dahl tradition they won an ‘amazing’ amount of chocolate!!

English Induction Y7

imageimage_4Y7 students have been finding similarities and differences between the characters of Bruno and Shmuel in “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”

This was one of the last lessons in their induction period. The post-it notes were different colours for different tables to encourage competition.

Y7 have made a fantastic start to their English studies and will now go on to look at how other writers present childhood in fiction and non-fiction.

Year 12 are fast becoming experts in Psychology

Y12 psychLast week Y12 Psychologists have independently researched some classic research from the Social Approach. They have learned their studies of obedience in fantastic detail, their peer teaches showed an exceptional level of knowledge and understanding, especially for students who have only just started the subject for the first time last week!

Well done Y12 – You’ve set a high standard.