Friday Maths Challenge #6

We have decided that it is a good idea to give you the answer to the previous maths challenge as well as setting the new problem to see you through the weekend!

On the left you will see the answer(click on image for larger version) to Friday Maths Challenge #5 and on the right Friday Maths Challenge #6 – note for the new challenge….think laterally, even though it may seem that the question doesn’t make sense – and also look at any mathematical equipment you may have….

#5 answer

How many zeroes

From Little Seeds…..

Hedgehog Cress SeedsThe Y8s had a marvellous time helping the Hedgehogs plant cress seeds this week. As you can see from the comments and photos below, the  Hedgehogs clearly enjoyed the opportunity to get messy.  In week or so we hope to plant some peas.

“We used our hands to put the soil in and then the seeds on top”. Elena
“I put the water on the soil all by myself. It got muddy!” Mason


The pots will sit on a sunny windowsill and the reception children will enjoy seeing them grow.  The cress seeds take a couple of days to germinate and within four days they could be added to a classic egg sandwich!


Library Links With Live Shakespeare Broadcast

Title_page_William_Shakespeare's_First_Folio_1623To mark Shakespeare’s birthday and the 400th Anniversary of his death 7A were fortunate to view the live broadcast for schools during last Friday afternoon’s English lesson. As part of Shakespeare 400 presenter Diane Louise Jordan was in Stratford-upon-Avon and took the viewers into Shakespeare’s schoolroom which has just opened to the public. Well known Shakespearean actor Ian McKellen enthused us with his passion for the Bard and promoted a new app for those wanting to gain a greater understanding of Shakespeare’s plays. Heuristic Shakespeare is an app which shows the actor performing in the top half of the screen with the matching text beneath.

This was an excellent educational event which can now be viewed by other classes. For more details on other events to celebrate Shakespeare’s life please go to

Summer Term Clubs 2016

We have updated the clubs page of the website with information on 29 extra curricular activities that take place during summer term 2016.  To visit the page either navigate via the ‘SBAS Community’ tab/Clubs and Societies or use this direct link link  The information is available in a variety of formats.  Students can also look at the Clubs Board in the canteen area where posters for each club are displayed.

You will get a sense of just how much is offered to our students above and beyond the curriculum lesson.

Y10 Take PRE Revision Tips From Y11

The Y11 full course students were able to put their revision resources to the test in their PRE lessons this week as they provided a revision session to some Y10 students.

Here are some comments from the Y10s:

“It was interesting and I learned a lot”

“I enjoyed the games as they were really well thought-out”
Well done to the Y10s involved and good luck in the upcoming mock exams!
PRE Y11 Y10 1PRE Y11 Y10 3PRE Y11 Y10 2

Space Seeds Experiment Update

Rocket seed germinationWe have germination!  Over the weekend our seeds sent up shoots and on Monday they were just breaking the surface of the soil.   Today we have the first set of leaves.   This first set of leaves are called cotoyledons – their number is one characteristic botanists use to classify plants.   The next set of leaves are the “true” leaves which more closely resemble what you would see in the mature plant.

So far we think more ‘blue’ seeds have germinated but the ‘red’ plants look healthier.  As we don’t know which ones travelled to the ISS….the experiment continues….

Music At The Movies

Please see below a review of Saturday’s music concert from parent governor Ann Orpin:

Music At The Movies concertAs Forrest Gump’s momma always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Simon Balle concerts are a little like that; you never know what wonderful selection of music you’re going to enjoy and what creative ideas have been conjured up to entertain. This was especially true at the Wind, Brass & Percussion Concert on Saturday evening with a theme of “At the Movies” where we were treated to an inspired evening of classic film music.  The effect was magical as we were taken from comedy to tragedy and back again, all the while marvelling at the sheer quality of the musicianship and performance.

The Concert Band led off with many classic themes. Next came new Brass Ensemble who started with a witty rendition of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and also played the haunting theme from “The Godfather”. Then before the “intermission” Saxidentals lined up, all 25 of them – one in 40 of our students are talented saxophonists!

After the break, Junior Wind Band showed us their extraordinary abilities in a performance that defies their title, such good news for the future. Concert Band returned with, among other pieces, a moving solo oboe performance by Hugo leading the rendition of Schindler’s List.

Thanks to the whole team, Mark Taylor for leading from the front, conductors Clare Taylor and Al Nunn for their amazing work, Keith Willis for his superb arrangements and musical support, the dedicated music teachers involved behind the scenes and on the night, Sue Pearson for her brilliant organisation, the PSA for providing our refreshments and of course the students for their magnificent performances.

I’m a parent governor of Simon Balle and the clue really is in the title; proud parent and committed governor. I found those two hats were particularly comfortable on Saturday night as I saw that the music team feel very valued by the school and that the school is enhanced by this extraordinary group of people. The fact that Simon Balle continues to support performing arts in such a challenging financial environment speaks volumes about the whole school ethos.

The last piece of the night was music from “The Incredibles”; perhaps a particularly apt term for this group of Simon Balle musicians!

Science Meets Music

7N were tasked with creating a musical instrument from scrap that would be able to produce varying sounds. The science kicked in when students were asked to explain the sound waves generated by their instrument and show how they travel through objects and our ear, naming all the key structures, so that we can detect that sound.
The time and effort that they put into pieces of work like this is remarkable and they deserve lots of praise for the way they went round and maturely assessed each others work in class.  Have a look at some of the photos and see their creations. I think its clear they had quite a bit of fun in the lesson!
Science Music 2 Science Music 3  Science Music 1

House Points Update 25/04/2016

Please see below the latest house point standings – the close battle has now moved from first place to fourth position!  You can also see below the ‘Students of the Month’ for February and March.

wb 25042016


Feb & March 2016 Students of Month