Bloodhound SSC at SBS

Bloodhound SSC with 3SBOn Monday we were very fortunate to welcome the team from Bloodhound SSC to Simon Balle, along with the full-scale model of the Bloodhound SSC car. The project is designed to help raise awareness among schoolchildren about the Bloodhound SSC project and its aims is to inspire a generation about science and engineering. Our aim is to encourage more young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).
Bloodhound SSC aims to break the world land speed record of 763 mph later this year before it attempts a 1,000 mph run in South Africa in 2016.
Throughout the day, Y9 were able explore the different components of the car, make 3D  model cars and have the opportunity to race their rocket cars across the playground.
The students had a great day and the 4 winners of the rocket car race will have the honour of having their names printed on the tail fin of the real car! Those students were Aeron Phipps, Jasmin Howard,Willow Stone and Lillie Thomas – congratulations to them.
Please take some time to have a look at a selection of the photos we took on the day.  Students, staff and visitors were mesmerised by the sight of the car in the front playground!
Bloodhound SSC

The Science of Harry Potter

school witchY7 students were captivated by some amazing magic tricks, performed by our school witch during Science Week,.  All the spells were written in a secret spell book, and the spells themselves struck a surprising similarity to those used by a well known scarred wizard and his friends.
The students were then even more amazed when they realised that it was all down to science.  There is now a house competition to see who can come up with the best scientific explanation for the phenomena they observed!  Watch this space for updates…..

Model United Nations

Last weekend saw Y11 and 12 delegates attend the Model United Nations event at Haileybury.  Here is a report from Y12 Callum Morris-Horne:

HMUN IrelandThe Simon Balle delegates were allocated the nations of Indonesia and Ireland to research, represent and ratify policies for. This renowned geopolitical simulation consisted of over 700 participants from 129 delegations, coming from various local, national and international schools, signifying the globalised importance of the MUN. 

A typical day comprised of arriving at Haileybury at 7:45 am –  lobbying, resolution signing, running to the resolution Approvals Office with political perspiration atop our furrowed brows, debating contentious topics and resolutions amongst committee members, and finishing off this exhausting process with a revitalising meal and a subsidised macchiato. 

A number of students were lucky enough to present and debate their submitted resolutions in front of appointed committees.  Many other resolutions from the delegations of Simon Balle were approved, and all who came took part in informed discussion.  The wealth of skills and experience gained over this insightful weekend (including public speaking, critical thinking, confidence, communication skills and the blossoming of our political knowledge) will be very useful in the years to come.

Thanks to Mr Harrold and James Sutherland (Y12) for helping to prepare our delegates so well – and to the staff that accompanied us.

Science Week Continued With A Bang

Science week continued with a bang, and it was one of our biggest yet!  This time we used the physics of a rapidly expanding gas to explode 1000 ping pong balls over 30 feet in the air.   It was all captured in slow motion glory and the video below is well worth watching more than once.

This was a truly spectacular event and congratulations to Ashbourne who won the race to clean up afterwards.

Humanities Eye Spy Term 2

Geog students selfieWell done to all those who entered this term’s ‘Awe and Wonder‘ Eye Spy competition. In total we had 20 entries.  All of the selfies were superb and everyone who entered has been given House Points.  The winning selfie was by Callum M and Eliza W in Y12.
The Geography department also entered with a fantastic selfie!
Next term’s entry is ‘British Summer‘ so take a selfie of what you believe captures British Summer and send it to Entries close Friday 10th July.


Y7 Cell Models Competition

Science week saw the final of the Y7 model cell house competition.

There were some fantastic entries of several different specialised plant and animal cells, Including nerve cells, sperm cells, red blood cells and root hair cells. Y7 really showed their creativity and the entries were more inventive than ever before.  There were outstanding creations made out of jelly, paper mâché, play doh, cardboard, tin foil, foam, polystyrene, cake, and even some unidentifiable green goo. The final winners were as follows – you can see their entries in the slideshow below:

Most Scientific: Ernie Dial 7N
Most Creative: Rowena Carr 7A
Most Effort: Isabel Anderson 7N
Most Original: Trixie Wraith 7A

Highly Commended: Adam Standen 7L and Louis Cripps 7M

Y7 Model Cells

GSK Science Week Competition

Sci week GSKAs part of their Science Week celebrations, GSK held a competition for local schools in the hope to inspire students to become their scientists of the future. The students took part in a forensics activity, a rocket design competition and a quiz.
The students had a brilliant morning and were thrilled see where their studies may lead them.

Saxidentals At Music For Youth Festival

music for youth logoOn Sunday, Saxidentals travelled to Bedford to take part in the regional festival of Music For Youth. The group performed a ten minute programme and were up against many local authority area bands. Here is a selection of comments from the feedback that was provided by music mentors at the end of the afternoon:

Wow – what a fantastic number of you!…Crisp staccato and nicely marked accents…beautiful soprano solo, sensitively accompanied by upper saxes…beautifully sustained chords, well-balanced and in tune…Alto sax solo was well projected, with some lovely vibrato…Bari solo had a lovely swing to it…tight percussion section…top end dynamics are fantastic…Bravo today – a very enjoyable programme, bringing out the best in you.”
This was a professional performance of challenging music, where the musicians really showed their dedication to the ensemble. We were so proud of them and the maturity they showed. Well done to Clare Taylor for inspiring them and for her meticulous preparation for this event.

Y8 County Shield Champions

Y8 rugby teamsLast Friday we took 32 boys to the County Rugby Finals at St. Albans Boys playing fields. Both teams had qualified by winning their District ‘emerging schools’ Championships. On the day both teams started off well, winning both their group games to qualify for the semi-finals.
The Y7 boys lost a close game and were unlucky not to score more tries.
Y8 rugby winnersThe Y8 boys beat Thomas Aleyne School convincingly and went on to face Longdean School in the final. (Longdean had beaten Highfield, the favourites, in their semi-final.) However the boys displayed great teamwork to score 4 tries in the first half with player of tournament Albert N managing some notable scores. The boys held out to win 40-0 to crown off a great season for the boys!