At Simon Balle all through School All-students in year 12 will undertake work experience. We aim to expose students to work experience opportunities to support students with the transition into the workplace, apprenticeships or university.

Why is work experience important?

Work experience is important for getting into any career. Having some experience can make you stand out from the crowd on applications for courses, training and jobs.

Spending time with an employer, doing simple tasks or work shadowing (watching an experienced employee at work) can be hugely beneficial for your child. Reasons for doing work experience include:

  • developing transferable skills, such as communication and teamworking
  • understanding how organisations work or bringing a job they have read about to life
  • building confidence interacting with adults
  • confirming an interest in a career or (equally useful!) deciding it is not for them
  • a foot in the door – if they impress the employer they may be asked back on a more formal arrangement such as an internship, or encouraged to apply when vacancies arise.
  • providing valuable content for a UCAS personal statement, applications for apprenticeships or potential jobs to give evidence of an interest in a particular subject/occupation or general experience of being in a workplace.

Your work experience employer will expect you to:

  • be punctual – otherwise you may miss the bus or they may start without you (demonstrating self-management and planning)
  • be well-presented in your school uniform, or as advised by your school, when you are visiting their workplace (demonstrating self-management)
  • listen and pay attention (demonstrating communication skills)
  • participate in particular activities, possibly as part of a team (demonstrating initiative, communication and teamwork)
  • enjoy the activity and learn.


Work experience guide:

Work Experience Booklet – July 2023

How to find work experience guide

If you have any enquiries about work experience, please contact Rebecca Lunn (Sixth form careers apprenticeship lead at SBAS)