Dear all.

Everyone in Team Music hopes you are well.

It has been a long time since we were able to make live music in school. I am full of admiration for how our musicians have survived the past few months, and how our teachers have continued to inspire, even if through a computer screen. It has been hard for so many and it is clear that we are all missing being together, rehearsing and performing as we used to do! Thank you for your support and help, maintaining morale as much as you have been able to do.

Unfortunately we are not yet able to rehearse in school mixing year group bubbles. I am hoping that when we progress through the 4 ‘stages’ out of the pandemic, we will be able to once again get together. We are looking at how we can rehearse outdoors, but most importantly perform. With so much music waiting in the wings, we have everything crossed for a very musical summer in as many venues and situations as possible! Every creative idea is on the table, and if you can help with these aims, or have ideas, please please get in touch. COVID has taught us to be very creative and we will need to continue to do this. If you have connections with a company that can help, again please get in touch.

It has been brilliant to hear our instrumental team reporting that so many musicians have been making amazing progress despite the online lessons. We are working and planning for exams and other celebrations to bring back the buzz of being together, showing how great our musicians are. We know that we will need to support each musician to regain those live skills that have ‘rested’ in the past few months and your help re-establishing the routines with practice after school at home will be invaluable. Nagging, checking, supporting, praising will be so important. Many students will take exams to celebrate achievements and will need a nudge once again with that extra push.

Live music will be back soon. It is such an important part of our school and we want our musicians to be ready on the starting blocks for the ‘off’ as soon as we can. One thing I can promise – it will be worth the wait! I trust there will be a broad smile on your faces when you hear the music once again.

Do stay in touch.

Kind regards

Mark Taylor, Director of Music.