What a musical year! Looking forward to the next one....

Dear families.

It is that time of the year when we look forward to celebrating what our Larch musicians have achieved as well as looking forward to September.

Despite the lockdown earlier this year, our musicians have been amazing. It is fabulous to see and hear what they continue to achieve week after week. The rehearsals are going so well and it is lovely to hear about all the successes with exams and music medals. Some have been taking exams this week!

Year 2 has done so well with the Strings Training Programme. Hearing some of them last week I was reminded how much progress they have made. We will be recording their celebration in a couple of weeks and sharing this with families. This work is the foundation of instrumental learning, preparing students to continue with the violin and cello or move on and take up a different instrument. Hearing all the instrumentalists in the other years has been a joy, both in small groups and in the orchestra. The choirs too are singing so well and with such enthusiasm.

Looking to next year, we will shortly be reminding year groups of which instruments they can learn at Simon Balle. The current Year 2 will be introduced to the flute and clarinet and the current Years 3, 4 and 5 to other wind instruments as well as brass. We have not been able to do this live for a while, so we are excited to let pupils hear everything in person. I really hope that pupils will continue on their musical journey as so much has already been achieved. Also looking to September, Year 6 wind and brass musicians will progress to be part of Junior Wind Band on a Monday after school until 4pm. They have been so important in the orchestra and they will now be working with older musicians, taking their music to the next level. Year 6 string players will continue in the Larch Orchestra on a Wednesday for now, so that they can support the younger musicians and help create that rich string sound.

To summarise:

In September, the Larch Orchestra will consist of:

  • Years 4, 5 and 6 string players
  • Years 4 and 5 woodwind players
  • Year 5 brass players

Year 6 woodwind and brass players will be part of the Junior Wind Band on a Monday until 4pm. If it clashes with team sports in the Autumn term they will do each activity on alternate weeks!

Year 3 Strings will join the orchestra later in the year.

Well done to everyone for their hard work and perseverance this year. We have an amazing musical future ahead of us. As Team music develops and more opportunities are created, the sky really is the limit on what can be achieved.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music