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Whilst so many are head down in exams, so much of our music continues. Next half term, 'all roads' lead to Saffron Hall on Saturday 2nd July. Final details will be sent out during the first week back.

One thing that I am particularly proud of is that all of our musicians are one amazing team. We all support each other and work together. Our musicians want to perform. They want to celebrate their work.

So many musicians have instrumental grades next half term. The key to success with exams is practice - at least 4 times per week. We have emailed families our support pages on the website so that together we can help achieve amazing success.

Thank you to everyone for working with us as we develop what we do and continue to inspire musicians. In return, they are inspiring us!

Mark Taylor, Director of Music

Our Secondary Phase...

Y8 Minimalism

Year 8 have been learning about Minimalism this term, and after practising some different compositional techniques, have composed their own minimalist piece. They have produced some outstanding work, so do have a listen to this handful of examples. Well done to Thomas, Max, Isabella, Nadassa, Ollie, Bors and Daisy in 8A.


Ms Kemp's Singing Evening

On Thursday, Ms Kemp's students performed what they have been working on in their lessons. It was a fantastic evening, the audience were treated with a variety of genres, from musical theatre to pop to classical. It was truly a special occasion, and wonderful opportunity for our younger musicians to see how far they can go and what they can achieve on their musical journey. Well done to: Maia W, Saffron-Daisy A, Lily O, Isobel C, May W, Emma B, Sophie G, Lauren B, Ada K, Charlie G, Courtney B-G, Dawa K, Matthew P, Aimee B and Poppy N.

Here is a taste of the evening, Dawa in Year 12 singing 'Fever'.

Mayor-Making Ceremony

Our Brass Quintet were delighted to perform at the Hertford Mayor-Making Ceremony last Thursday at County Hall. as the Mayor's secretary said "On behalf of the Town Council and the Mayor of Hertford, Cllr Susan Barber please forward our thanks to the pupils who performed at Mayor Making they were outstanding and hit the brief perfectly."

Well done and thank you to the musicians. They should be very proud.

Our Primary Phase...

Larch Stars

Our Larch Stars are musicians who have been nominated by their instrumental teachers for something really good that week. Their certificate is presented in assembly. Well done to..

  • Ella D (Year 2) for fantastic playing in your cello lesson
  • Max H (Year 2) for a super bow hold this week in your cello lesson.
  • Letty P (Year 2) for excellent effort in your cello lesson.
  • Archie C (Year 5) for completing your first piano book.
  • Freya H (Year 4) for excellent playing in your cello lesson this week
  • Annie C (Year 4) for excellent performance preparation
  • Hattie C (Year 4) for excellent performance preparation
  • Max C (Year 2) for a brilliant start back to playing the violin
  • Hayden B (Year 6) for making great progress on Tuba, with a great attitude
  • Albert R (Year 3) for good work on low register
  • Emelia M (Year 3) for great work in orchestra
  • Gemma W (Year 3) for great work in orchestra
  • Isabella C (Year 3) for demonstrating great musical knowledge in lesson
  • Miles W (Year 6) for great punctuality and great playing throughout the lesson
  • Rosie W (Year 3) for great work in orchestra
  • Grace M (Year 5 ) for fabulous Grade 1 preparation
  • Elijah L (Year 2) for fantastic counting and playing of quavers in your cello lesson
  • Kenzie E (Year 2) for excellent effort in your cello lesson
  • Noah W (Year 2) for trying so hard and for concentrating well in your cello lesson
  • Alex H (Year 6) for continuing to work extremely hard in preparation for your cello lesson each week
  • Amber C (Year 5) for completing your first piano book


Assembly Performances

We have been lucky enough to have a wonderful performances in the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, Annie C & Hattie C on the Violin. Finally, Isla B, Isla U and Megan H on the Clarinet.

Primary Music Festival

Our Senior Larch Choir (Years 4, 5 & 6) are currently preparing for the Hertford Primary Music Festival. We had students audition in Ware, for speaking and singing parts, and we are pleased to say we have had success! Well done to the soloist speakers and singers. We are looking forward to seeing the final performance. It is fantastic to see so many young children involved in singing.


Strings Showcase:

On Tuesday, 41 students, ranging from Year 3 to Year 6 came together to showcase what they have been working on in their lessons. It was such a brilliant opportunity for students to get a chance to perform to their parents/carers, but also for the younger students to be inspired by seeing the progression and skill of the older students.



Coming Up...

Please take a look at our upcoming events, we have lots of performances to look forward to, and it is great to support our students!

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