Musical June!!

It is always amazing to be part of performances and celebration at this time of year, showcasing what our musicians are achieving. Saffron Hall is next weekend, along with a Yr 2/3 showcase on Tuesday. Oh, and then 120 exams, and a tour. Our team most certainly go above and beyond to create outstanding opportunities for our musicians. If you see one of us asleep in the corner, don't disturb!!

I have one favour to ask everyone. Each time you are proud, tell them! Listen to exam pieces, take a moment. We are all very busy in life, but we should not be too busy to support our young musicians and have a listen to celebrate!

Keep enjoying the music!

Mark Taylor, Director of Music

Take Note Gospel Workshop

On Saturday, Take Note hosted a Gospel Workshop for the very first time.

Kathy McLeish from the Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir, and her accompanist, Peter, came along and taught Take Note a different way of learning, singing and performing.
"The experience was brilliant, and just so joyful, I'd love to do it again."

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Larch Piano Evening

What a fantastic evening of performances from Mrs Johnson's pianists!

Each performance was fantastic and students should be so proud of themselves! Performing in front of an audience can be daunting, however, these students made it seem to easy! A massive well done!

Please watch the videos here -

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Mrs Iles' Piano Evening

It was a fantastic evening watching and listening to Mrs Iles' students perform to a small, but supportive audience.

All performers did brilliantly and have demonstrated how hard they work on their instrument.

Well done to all.

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Guitar Platform Evening

It was a fantastic evening celebrating Mr Niesyto's students. Each performed brilliantly whether that was in a small group, a duet or a solo. Well done to all!

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Rock Gig

To finish the year of Rock School, we had our summer gig at the Southern Maltings!

Students performed and played brilliantly, despite the heat! It's really incredible to watch the bands grow in confidence as the year progresses, so we are really excited to see what September holds!

Please see the full set of dates, including the Rock Gigs for next year here:

It has been an amazing year of Rock School, thank you to the staff who dedicate their time to supporting students and bands, and thank you to the students who are committed to rehearsals! All of your hard work pays off!

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Diploma Performance & Exams

On Wednesday, 3 Year 13 musicians performed at All Saints' Soundbites. It was an incredible performance and the audience were in awe of what they heard. An incredible professional standard.

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On Thursday, 4 candidates took their Diploma exams. Diplomas are Conservatoire standard performances that require maturity and outstanding musicianship. We await the results!



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