Rock School is part of our School of Popular Music.

From September 2021, we hope to be able to resume Rock School in person in school.

Rock School is where bands are formed and music is made. Confidence grows and musicianship develops. It was where George Ezra started!

Musicians who sign up to be part of Rock School are allocated a band for the half year until the gig. Bands are then reviewed to ensure they are working well! Where there is a shortage of one instrument, or too many of another, we are creative with the musicians to ensure we have as many bands as possible rehearsing. We hope to be able to accommodate as many musicians as possible in Rock School, but every band needs a certain combination on musicians!

There are two stages in Rock School.

Stage 1. Tuesdays  3.15 - 4.15pm.

Here, bands are are given close support, often through being given pieces to rehearse. During the year they will become more independent, learning how to work as a band, compromise and put together a performance. Every member of each band is important and so attendance at rehearsals is vital for the progress of the band.

Stage 2. Tuesdays  4.15 - 5.15pm.

Bands are more independent, but are still supported. They will choose their own music and learn how to rehearse on their own. They will be supported to produce polished and professional performances.

The gigs

These are held locally twice per year (usually January and June) at a suitable venue. In the past this has been the Hertford Corn Exchange.


To sign up

Complete the form below. The cost is £70 per term, to ensure commitment from the musicians. The sooner musicians sign up, the more chance they have of getting in!

Here are the recordings from our summer term projects.

Below is the application form for new musicians to sign up.