Rock School is part of our School of Popular Music.

Click here for our Rock School Gallery - filled with videos from our rock gigs & bands.


Rock School Dates from September 2024 to June 2025.

Autumn Term: 

Week beginning Monday 16th September to the week beginning Monday 25th November 2024

Rock Gig: Tuesday 26th November 7pm

Spring Term: 

Week beginning Monday 13th January 2025 to the week beginning Monday 24th March 2025.

Rock Gig: Wednesday 26th March 2025, 7pm

Summer term: 

Week beginning Monday 30th April 2025 to the week beginning Monday 23rd June 2025

Rock Gig: Wednesday 25th June 2025, 7pm


Rock School is the place where bands are formed and music is made. Confidence grows and musicianship develops. It was where George Ezra started!

Musicians who sign up to be part of Rock School are allocated a band for the half year until the gig. Bands are then reviewed to ensure they are working well! Where there is a shortage of one instrument, or too many of another, we are creative with the musicians to ensure we have as many bands as possible rehearsing (This is why we ask about a second instrument). We hope to be able to accommodate as many musicians as possible in Rock School, but every band needs a certain combination on musicians! Don't forget this includes singers!

Bands are nurtured to be able to rehearse independently (when does any Rock Band have someone telling them what to do all the time!). When support is needed, it is given. Otherwise, Rock School is a place to learn how to rehearse, work with others, make decisions, work as a team and perform. There are performance sessions where bands hear what others have been working on. There are public gigs - we aim for two per year. Rock School is the place to be at home in a band. Teachers manage and nurture, supporting when it is required.

Joining Rock School

These are two paths into Rock School.

  • As a band. Musicians have found friends and others with whom they can and are happy to form a band. The band join as a whole group and commit together.
  • As an individual. Here, we will work with you and put you in a band, ensuring it is best fit. There might not be an opportunity immediately, but we will aim to find one quickly.

To sign up

The sign up form is at the bottom of this page. The cost is £8.50, to ensure commitment from the musicians.

Stages in Rockschool - all on Wednesdays in the music centre

Stage 1:   3.15 - 4pm

Students who have been learning  their instrument more than a term. They learn how to work in bands, switch in and out and are taught ensemble skills. Here, bands are formed and they prepare for stage 2.

Stage 2:   4 - 5pm

Less experienced students working in bands, provided with tracks to perform, given much guidance to be successful. Staff lead where there are conflict issues in the band and ensure that nothing is left beyond each rehearsal. Students are shown how to perform. Where there are more of one instrument than for each band, students swap in and out within one band, or pick up a second instrument within the rehearsal. Much guidance in this stage.

Stage 3:   5 - 6pm

The most advanced stage. Bands are more independent, but still have the same level of high expectations with attendance, musicality and commitment to the band. They might start to write their own music!

Performance & Support

There are two gigs a year, in which students are given an opportunity to showcase what they have been working on in their time at Rockschool. These opportunities to perform help to build confidence and skills as a musician. 

High expectations about standards are expected of all who attend and support. We are a musical department that provides opportunities beyond instrumental lessons. Indeed, instrumental lessons are only part of the musical experience. Making music with others is a massive part of learning.

Below is the application form for new musicians to sign up.