What a musical time.....

This half term sees over 350 musicians performing in various concerts, recitals and gigs. The culmination of months of hard work by so many. Below you will find so much to celebrate - do please take time to read through and listen to what our fabulous musicians have created. We do this so that our wider community can be part of the audience as well!
Why does this matter?
Performances show progress, enjoyment and provide celebration. From the BIg Band evening to Rock School and Year 2 celebrations via Strings and Singing, a drum evening, guitars and more.
There is always something to celebrate in our music. What we always need is you at home to join in. Celebrate and make a fuss. It does make a difference.
When we are busy, the musicians are busy. Being busy teaches our students commitment, organisation and how to deal with deadlines. At home, we ask that you support us. by putting our dates in your calendars and ensuring that musicians are at the events and rehearsals they need to be at. These are lessons for life - working to a high standard under pressure. I am so proud of our high expectations - we do not accept second best, but support all to achieve their very best.
Never forget how important you are at home to the musical life of your young musician. The musical triangle of you, us and the young musician is so powerful.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music

Meet the Music Ambassador!

We re getting to know our Music Ambassadors in Y6 and Y13 this year, please see our most recent posts!

Lawrence, Y12, joined the ambassador team in September. He heavily involved in music ensembles across the All-Through, and provides excellent support for our larch musicians. He is a valued member of the team!


A Celebration of Brass

"I really enjoyed performing in the Celebration of Brass concert as we got to showcase everything we had been working on and everyone was very supportive. It was great how it involved students from the larch all the way up to year 13 as it meant younger students could be inspired by the older ones and it shows that music is for anyone of any age. We played a variety of different genres of music including choral music,  classical, and a hip hop mash up, showing the audience that brass instruments are very versatile. The concert also showed all the brass instruments that are played at Simon Balle like the trumpet, trombone, tuba and the more unusual ones like the flugelhorn and the piccolo trumpet. I thought it was a very successful concert as everyone had worked hard in rehearsals and it definitely paid off and I heard many audience members say how much they enjoyed it. The highlight of the concert for me was performing a solo to the song tango final by Astor Piazzolla with the rest of the ensemble playing the backing. It was such an amazing experience as I had never done anything like that before and it was a lot of fun. I thought I would be nervous but I was totally absorbed in the music. It was great!"

May, Year 10


An Evening with the Simon Balle Big Band

The Simon Balle Big Band continue to excel, work so hard and achieve amazing musical things. They are at the top of our musical pyramid and performed with such professionalism. I am so proud of them as a group of musicians, reaching a standard rarely seen in schools. Do read these two reviews. I am especially taken by Millie's - her favourite piece was YMCA. If I had a pound for every time I have performed that....... it is now part of our musical folklore.

Mark Taylor

"Big Band is a yearly event that goes on in the main school hall that is a long, upbeat performance of popular songs, like I will survive and Blame it on the Boogie. 

The evening was an absolute blast. All the songs sounded amazing and nothing seemed to go wrong! From the first song I was enjoying myself and that did not change for the rest of the night. Some of my favourite songs were Smooth, Absoludicrous and I’ve got you under my skin. Although I have to say, even though it wasn't my moment, my favourite moment of the evening was Luke’s solo in Tank! It sounded incredible and it will stay in my head for a long time."

Jacob, Year 13

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Recently I played with the Simon Balle Big Band at the Big Band Evening and it was such an amazing experience. I have gained so much confidence playing in front of lots of people and had a great time too. My favourite part was when we played YMCA at the end of the show and absolutely everyone got up to dance. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. 

Millie, Year 9

Mr Stevenson's Drumming Evening

It was wonderful to celebrate our drummers! Usually they are hidden away at the back of ensembles (out of sight, but not sound!), so it is important to celebrate them individually. What musicality and skill on display!

Year 2 Strings Celebration Concert

The foundations of so much of our music now starts in the Larch. Our Year 2 Strings Training Programme. 41 musicians (from Year 2) performed with such confidence, musicality and skill. They have been learning less than two terms. With funding from the Hertfordshire Music Service, this is a unique musical programme.

I cannot express enough how proud I am of the young musicians, starting out on their musical journey - for many, their first public concert. We are truly an all through musical school.

Guitar Platform Evening

A beautiful Guitar Platform was held this week showcasing our amazing acoustic guitar players. The technical skills on display were wonderful and it was a joy to listen to what had been rehearsed and learnt.

Well done to everyone who took part.



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