Why Saffron Hall?

Bringing all our musicians together once a year is so important. It shows everyone - audience and musicians what Simon Balle Music is all about. It shows our younger students what they can aspire to. It shows all our musicians everything that we do. It provides inspiration. It is our annual celebration of Team Music and each and every musicians.

Why Saffron Hall? In a nutshell, it is the only venue 'close by' that can accomodate us. The size of the stage, the space for musicians to watch each other, space for the audience. It is cost effective, it is designed for our music. We are part of their calendar. They want to work with us. It has a capacity of 750 and we use all of that capacity. Hertfordshire, and especially East Herts, does not have any venue large enough, or in fact, any concert hall. I know, because I've looked, investigated and asked, I've lobbied about the lack of arts and concert venues in the area. I've failed. Theatres have smaller capacity. Saffron Hall has an amazing acoustic.

We have to bring everyone together once a year. I cannot emphasise enough how important this is. It is part of our ethos and is part of what makes our music amazing. We go to Saffron Hall for it is somewhere that does justice for our amazing musicians. It is our only option, but what a fantastic option it is. If you have never heard your young musician perform there, you will not be disappointed.

Simon Balle Music so needs a concert hall, a music centre that is befitting of our amazing music. We can hope and wish, and we should never stop asking! If you can help, please get in contact.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music.

Who will be performing?


  • Concert Band,

  • Junior Wind Band

  • Saxidentals,

  • Guitar Ensemble

  • Chamber Choir

  • Secondary Choir

  • Take Note

  • Larch Senior Choir (Year 4, 5 6 students)

  • Larch Wind & Brass (Year 4, 5, 6 students)

  • Larch Strings (Year 4, 5, 6 students)

  • Senior Strings

  • Brass Ensemble

  • Big Band


Rehearsal Schedule 2023

Students need to arrive 15 minutes before their rehearsal. Further specific details will be distributed nearer the event.

There is no Sunday rehearsal for the Guitar Ensemble.

Sunday 9th July


Set Up


Big Band




Set up choirs 


Chamber Choir & Take Note Rehearsal


Set up (concert band layout) 


Senior Strings including Year 6 strings


Brass Ensemble


Junior Wind


Concert Band 


Larch Students arrive

Larch orchestras set up


Larch Choir (Y4, 5 & 6) & Secondary Choir items


Larch Wind & Brass, Larch Strings rehearsal


When I Grow Up (all larch, all choirs, rhythm)


Set up Concert Band 




Concert starts

Frequently Asked Questions...

Black music polo shirt - sold by the music office, please email music@simonballe.herts.sch.uk for purchase details. To be worn with school kilt or black school skirt or school trousers. (Skirts must be a suitable length for a school performance.) Black shoes to be worn. Black jeans and trainers are not acceptable.

Boys - White polo shirt (preferably with school logo), school shorts, grey socks and black shoes. No trainers.

Girls - White polo shirt (preferably with school logo), school kilt, green or white socks and black shoes. No trainers. Green headband/hairband. In line with school policy, no make up or nail varnish and no jewellery other than stud earrings.

All students must sign in with our staff on arrival in the foyer at the front of the hall.
Secondary students will stay at the hall as we have the use of a large common room with staff supervision. They must be signed out from the foyer if they are leaving the hall between their rehearsal and the performance.

Larch students will be supervised in the hall after their rehearsals, they do not need to be collected before the concert.

Refreshments are not provided during the day so students should bring food and drink with them. Only water bottles are permitted in the auditorium.

Approximately 8pm. Groups are mainly performing 2 pieces each. There is an interval and refreshments will be available from the foyer bar. You can also pre-order your drinks when you arrive!

Saffron Hall's website:  https://saffronhall.com/visit/
Address: Audley End Rd, Saffron Walden CB11 4UH
When you arrive, please use the Gold Car Park located to the right of the hall. See the maps below this list.