Last year, singing was often the hardest hit, with the restrictions. Choir numbers were limited and singing was a challenge. It is therefore brilliant that our choirs are back in full force.

We have so many amazing singers. We believe that everyone can sing, and it is great that our musicians agree! The Chamber Choir, consisting of our senior singers and musicians has regrouped and is busy working for the many school events this term, including the Remembrance service and the carol services. The senior choir is now a Vocal Showcase. The aim is that all KS4 and 5 singers can come, enjoy singing and showcase what they can achieve. All styles of songs are covered and whilst still in the first few rehearsals, there is so much talent at the rehearsals on a Wednesday. The Junior Choir also rehearses on a Wednesday and consists of so many singers in Years 7 – 9. Having this choir return with so many singers is amazing and we look forward to hearing them perform later in the term. Throughout the curriculum, throughout the school, singing is an everyday part of our music. Whether in a band, as a soloist or just for fun, singing is something that can bring joy to everyone.

In the primary phase, we have two fabulous choirs. The Years 2- 3 choir and the Years 4 – 6 choir both sang so beautifully at the Harvest Festival at All Saints’ Church. Singing is so popular in the Larch, and Mrs Johnson’s KS1 singing assembly on a Tuesday is a delight to listen to.

Elsewhere, singing lessons are very popular. Some of our most advanced singers in the sixth form also performed at the Harvest Festival this week and created a beautiful atmosphere with their captivating performances. We have singers with the Big Band and in Rock School and we are planning a return to singing evenings where families can celebrate in person what the musicians can achieve.

What is lovely is the confidence that we see grow in our singers as they learn to perform, learn how to command a room and learn about connecting to the music. Performing in front of others as a soloist is, for some, a challenge. Actually doing it, standing tall and standing proud can be a huge achievement. The pride seen when they finish and take in the applause is wonderful to see. 

The return to live performances is our aim for the year in all of our work, but especially our choirs. It will take a little time, but with perseverance and commitment, I am sure we will not be disappointed with what will be achieved.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music