Happy New Term in the Larch!

Dear all.

As we welcome the new term, we are preparing for much more exciting music making this year and the opportunity to see our musicians develop.

Our Larch instrumental lessons start from Monday 13th September. We will email you full details later next week, of days and what and when things are happening. Year 6 will have lessons in the music centre and will be supported to walk over in time. We are finalising the huge logistical puzzle of our teaching! It is also on Monday 13th that Year 6 woodwind and brass musicians will join Junior Wind Band in the music centre after school. Again, full details will be emailed next week. Year 3 string players will join the Larch Orchestra in January.

The Larch Orchestra and choirs start from Monday 20th September (ie, that week). This gives the students time to get back into routine and play their instruments again! It is the week of the 20th September that the Year 2 Strings Training Programme starts - the musical journey for these students begins! Cello will be on Thursday, Violin on Friday.

As an overview:

Junior Wind Band (Yr 6 wind and brass musicians) - Monday after school until 3.55pm starting on Monday 13th September

Larch orchestra - Wednesday after school until 4pm starting on Wednesday 22nd September

Larch choirs - Thursday after school until 4pm starting on Thursday 23rd September

In advance of lessons starting, please can everyone go over a couple of pieces from last term if they have not done so already. Check everything in the instrument case is there and perform at home. We will be working hard this term to support you to support each musician - how to practice at home, what to do if there are challenges, how to celebrate progress. It is time to get back even more to the joy of learning and performing. We even hope to have several live concerts this term!


Please do take a moment to look at the Larch music section of the website. It has the dates, resources, support and information. It will also have the timetables ready for lessons to start. A Year 6 page will be published next week.

Celebration of our music is on twitter - https://twitter.com/simonballemusic and the main school media channels.

Please bear with us if there are teething issues. Just get in touch - direct all queries to music@simonballe.herts.sch.uk rather than the Larch reception.

Learning an instrument is great fun. Yes, practice is essential, but if you build in the routines, ask for help when needed and celebrate success, amazing things will happen.

Have a great musical year!

Mark Taylor, Director of Music.