Congratulations to all musicians for their achievements this year. We have held over 240 individual music exams. This is  an amazing achievement, showing perseverance and hard work through all the challenges. As part of this, seven Year 13 musicians have achieved a diploma at a standard of first or second year music college.To have this number of students taking these very challenging exams is unique in any school and we cannot underestimate the enormity of what has been achieved. Our senior musicians have also achieved 29 Grade 8s between them, most with a merit or distinction. In the Larch, 53 musicians took a music medal this year and several have achieved Grade 1 or 2. This again is a phenomenal achievement. Every exam result at every level is something to be so proud of and the numbers involved make us unique as a school. 

Last weekend we were fortunate to have two outdoor concerts to celebrate what some of our musicians have achieved. Enabling the Concert Band and Big Band to perform allowed our brilliant Year 13 musicians to celebrate their achievements and say goodbye. Having this ‘final moment’ for them was so important and it was wonderful to see everyone there enjoying the amazing music. The recordings and pictures will be on the school website early next week for all to enjoy. The evenings were very emotional for so many, both musicians and families. All our musicians throughout the school are amazing, and it was wonderful to hear about how music is such an important part of their lives. 

Team Music has triumphed this year and it has been wonderful to see and hear how families, musicians and the team in school have worked together, in person and online. The musical achievements that we have had have been wonderful to see and hear. Across all phases, music has kept going and we are so grateful for all the support. It is by working together that we have achieved what we have.

Looking forward, we continue to adapt and ensure that our musical opportunities continue to grow.  I am delighted that so many young people are learning an instrument in the Larch, and that we have so many musicians across the school who want to be part of Team Music. Thank you to everyone in Team Music for coming together to create incredible music and wonderful memories. To those with us next year - concerts, performances and experiences will be back. Keep practising and see you then. To those leaving - thank you. Thank you for your support, thank you for your musicianship and thank you for the memories.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music