A music tour to Edinburgh. Somewhere I have not visited for so many years. Where would we perform, what is the hostel like, who is going? Everyone in Team Music knows how important the music tour is, and we had to get this important milestone in the music calendar back on track. 3 nights and two full days up in Scotland.

The tour was a triumph. Lots of walking and lots of hills, but also lots of fun. Families from Hertford joined us in numbers and the musicians performed two fantastic concerts. The acoustic of St Giles Cathedral was fabulous and the huge audience there loved what they heard. The Ross Bandstand always promised to be excellent if the rain held off. Despite the threats, it did. As the music started, the audience joined us, listening from far and wide, including up in Princess Street. Outdoor concerts are always fun and this was no exception.

Yes, we are there for the concerts. We are also there for the friendships. The team building, the chance to spend more time together. Three activities for the three evenings and they were brilliant. The smiles, the cheering, the supporting, the joining in. For some, this was way out of their comfort zone, but they got on with it. They enjoyed it!

It was also brilliant that two music alumni rearranged their days to come and visit us and watch concerts. Lizzie and Alex, both currently living in Scotland came over and it was a fabulous surprise to see them.

A music tour like this means so much to so many. Over the years, hundreds of memories have been created, not only for the musicians, but to wider families. Grandparents came to watch, families came to celebrate. Pride could be seen and heard all around. This is all part of the Team Music experience.

Of course for some, this was the end of a 7 year journey. The realisation that 'that is it'. For the families of those who are leaving, a lump in the throat. The end of an era. Personally, I will never get used to that moment, and nor should I. Education is about the students, creating tomorrow's citizens today. Music is and should always be a huge part of that. You can't bottle what these experiences teach you. For so many, music is a massive part of who they are.

Thank you to everyone. If you were not able to be there, have a look at everything below. If you were there, thank you. We had a blast and the students were amazing. Team Music. A brilliant community.

Finally, a true anecdote. A parent was talking to someone who was listening to the Ross Bandstand concert. They were in Edinburgh for the Jazz Festival where they were performing. They had heard of Simon Balle Music. Where did they live? Belgium. 'Oh', said the parent. 'Simon Balle have performed at the Ghent Music Festival'. 'That's it' said the visitor. 'I've seen them there. They are so good'.

It's a small world. There's a song in that......

Mark Taylor, Director of Music.