Dear all.

As our ensembles return and we safely come back to creating music together, we are looking to have a term of celebration for our Larch musicians.

As part of this, many will be either taking music exams (Music medals or Grade 1), or celebrating their achievements if they are still in the early phases of learning. Therefore, we are focusing for the next few weeks on how to practise at home. As families at home, you are vital to the success of learning an instrument.

  • Every pupil requires a music stand at home (unless piano students with a real piano at home!). Here is one example.
  • A regular time and quiet space should be organised at home, so that pupils get quickly into the routine of practice and respect how important it is. This should happen for 15 minutes three times a week. You should supervise until you are happy that they can work on their own. When listening, give plenty of praise and reassurance.
  • Celebrate their playing at home – hold a living room concert or performance! The small steps of encouragement are vital, along with those routines of practice.

So, we are pushing on practice please, making it even more of a priority now we are back at school. If we are concerned that there is not enough practice, or it is not as successful as it could be, we will let you know. I am so pleased with how our musicians have been resilient during the past few months, so bringing this all together and reminding everyone of the most important part of their work – the practice at home – is needed. 

I look forward to sharing successes with you in future weeks!

Kind regards and do stay in touch.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music