Larch Music at Simon Balle

In music at Simon Balle, we are a team, we work together. We are team music, you are team music, the children are team music. One team together.

We offer the following opportunities for our Larch students as well as weekly curriculum lessons for each year group:

Year 2 Strings Training Programme

Year 3 Clarinet and Flute tuition (Wacky Woodwinds)

Year 4 Brilliant Brass

Year 2 & 3 Choir

Year 4, 5 & 6 Choir

Year 5 onwards - a range of different instruments, such as saxophone and bassoon

We expect the children to go the extra mile, for we will go the extra mile. We are a musical school. Practice, at home, 3 times a week. Use the backing tracks, create the right environment to work. When family come to visit, create a 'living room' concert and celebrate the performance. Email me a copy to also listen to! You, as the people at home, are crucial to the success of the children. You will have to 'go the extra mile' as well. You, the children, us. Together, we are Team Music.

The nature of our performances is of course different at the moment. We are planning exciting things though!

Our ethos is of a musical school. We have a unique situation in the Larch Centre where children are achieving in music such amazing things, so young. This does not happen by chance, and is due to the drive of my team in music, that of Alison Saunders our Head, the Larch team and the Governors. We are all passionate about music. I hope you are as well.

We continue to develop our Larch music and are excited about this year.

Our Ethos

As parents, you are vital to the success of learning an instrument. Communication is so important.

Teachers organise the times of lessons and liaise with class teachers, so that class learning is not affected. Lessons are during the school day.

  • Every pupil requires a music stand at home. Here is one example.

  • A regular time and quiet space should be organised at home, so that pupils get quickly into the routine of practice and respect how important it is. This should happen for 15 minutes three times a week. You should supervise until you are happy that they can work on their own. When listening, give plenty of praise and reassurance.

  • Pupils should quickly get used to bring instruments to and from home. You will be crucial in reminding them of this. Instruments should always be labelled and stored in the music room upstairs in the Larch Centre in the correct place.

  • Should you have any questions, please get in contact.

  • Progress only happens when:

    • We work together

    • Pupils practice

    • We regularly communicate

Learning an instrument is fun, with a few lows and many many highs. Let's show what can be achieved!

Getting in Touch.

Email is best. Mrs Pearson will usually respond, although I see all the emails. 01992 410408 to ring.

Stay in touch. Support us, work with us, celebrate what your children achieve. There will be ups and downs. However, the amazing music created will overshadow everything!

Follow us on Twitter for information and stories. @simonballemusic

I and all our music team are here to help. Use this site for initial information, ask if you need to, be polite when we are wrong, celebrate when amazing music is created.


Mark Taylor, Director of Music.