Year 4 continue the journey through Key Stage 2 and Phase 2 with the same high expectations of values, attitude to learning, independence and understanding of the wider world around them, developing cultural capital knowledge through the wider curriculum. Children begin to have their music lessons over in the secondary building in preparation for even more independence in Year 5. Just as in Year 3, children have a wide range of choices for extra-curricular activities in which they can engage to extend skills, commit to learning and open horizons for the future.

Whole class reading is continued and a focus remains on the reading skills/domains, as well as developing vocabulary knowledge even further. English lessons continue to develop a strong grammar knowledge with high expectations on quality of language and presentation, writing pieces based on texts in their Literary canon.

In mathematics lessons and mathematics fluency sessions, children are encouraged to learn and apply various methods and place value understanding as well as explain their reasoning behind the different mathematical concepts, with numbers up to 4 digits with two decimal places. With a significant focus on the statutory multiplication tables check, Year 4 use a wide range of resources and strategies to learn and revise their times tables not only for this check but to embed the understanding of multiplication (and division) for a deeper understanding of patterns and strategies. 

With access to chromebooks (introduced in younger years), computing in Year 4 involves students creating their own educational games and composing their own music. History sees the children learning about changes to crime and punishment over time and the Ancient Egyptians. Throughout these foundation subjects, high expectations are held both for the subject itself and for spelling, grammar and writing presentation, ensuring children apply these skills across the curriculum. 

Tayla Ridley, Phase leader for Phase 2 


  • Miss K Hesketh
  • Mrs J Prendergast
  • Miss R Tether

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs L Pettengell 
  • Mrs D Cox (SEND)
  • Mrs N Roofe

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