Year 10 sees the beginning of our young people’s Key Stage 4 journeys. Students begin to study their chosen curriculum, following the core subjects of English Language, English Literature, Science and Maths alongside a variety of other subject areas, creating a broad and balanced education for each individual student. 

Throughout the year students will experience many challenges which test their resilience and aspirations. With full support and guidance from individual subject staff, Heads of Department, the pastoral team, subject specific study support sessions and extra curricular activities, the year group will develop the skills and mindset to achieve. 


Head of Year 10: Miss J Green

10A : Mr S Preshous and Miss S Wren

10B : Mrs R Miller

10L : Mrs J Townsend and Mr G Davies

10M : Mr S McGovern and Mrs E Bennett

10N : Miss V Chuchla

10R : Mr L Brown

Year Group Overviews:

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term