In Year 8 we continue to build on the vision that we instil in our students at the very start of their education with us, that of ‘Creating tomorrows’ citizens today’. Students explore in greater depth the ways in which we can embody our school values on a day to day basis and how they can continue to be positive and proactive members of our school community. Through our values leaders project and learning for life lessons, each and every one of our students is expected to undertake a leadership role, with opportunities for public speaking available too. We know that these skills are vital for our young people’s success in the wider world and we feel passionately that our students need to be well equipped for the future. 

Students continue to receive a rich and varied curriculum which challenges them academically. Our standards and aspirations for all of our students remain extremely high and we expect students to work hard to create firm key stage 3 knowledge foundations for their future studies.


Head of Year 8: Ellie Newman 

8A : Kim Wallace 

8B : Rebecca Fish / Lauren Davison 

8L : Jenny Townsend / Ben Moses 

8M : Steve McGovern / Katie Ansell 

8N : Vicky Chuchla  

8R : Anna Woolcott

Year Group Overviews:

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term