Phase 1 at Simon Balle all-through school includes the transition from Nurseries to our Reception, Reception and Year 1. The transition from Reception to Year 1 is vitally important as children are supported to settle to a more formal and mainly adult-led curriculum. The foundations of learning from Reception are carefully built upon, including in personal, social and emotional development, in outdoor as well as classroom-based learning,  and in all subjects. There is a particular importance placed on phonics (in the June of Year 1, children will take part in the National phonics screening check) and the application of phonics to reading. Our literary canon continues, exposing children to an important and enjoyable range of literature. We introduce many approaches to teaching which continue through the primary phase – for example, mathematical fluency sessions (which are designed to support children to remember knowledge, vocabulary and concepts, and to apply these) and the whole-class teaching of reading (which models fluency and teaches core skills – for example, retrieval, prediction and inference). The curriculum maps for each term are below but children can look forward to exploring a range of artists (Picasso, Henry Moore and Henry Fraiser), an exciting introduction to computing (through, for example, use of beebots for programming), study of their own locality and their families living history, and philosophy and religious education introduced. 

Charlotte Philip, Phase leader for Phase 1


  • Miss Williams
  • Mrs S Marks
  • Miss L Hudson

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs L Swords
  • Mrs R Sansford

Year Group Overviews

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term