During the children’s last year in the primary phase, we will ensure the children are fully prepared for their transition in KS3 and being ‘tomorrow’s citizens today’.

Lots of exciting changes take place during the children’s final year in the Larch. They will eat their lunch in the secondary dining room, gradually build the independence to walk over to lessons on the secondary site such as in the music block, more lessons will be taught by secondary teachers and students will have the opportunity to join the Year 6-8 Wednesday enrichment programme. They will bring their chromebook device to school each day to use during lessons and these will be used in the same way they are used from Year 7; writing by hand will still be valued with priority.

There will be a focus on supporting the children for the end of KS2 SATS assessments, which take place in May, in reading, mathematics (arithmetic and reasoning), writing and spelling, punctuation and grammar. However we will ensure the children have a broad, ambitious and balanced curriculum, and have the skills and knowledge they will need in preparation for their move to Year 7. They will have many experiences that will deepen their understanding of our school values such as going on a residential trip in their summer term, taking part in a drama performance to an audience and they will have student leadership responsibilities and roles such as Larch Head Boy and Girl.

Our Year 6 children will be prepared for Year 7 and for the next part of their journey as ‘tomorrow’s citizens today’.

Chloe Evans, Phase leader for Phase 3 


  • Mrs K Boyce
  • Miss C Evans
  • Dr N Gardner

Teaching Assistants

  • Miss E French
  • Mrs L Clarke (HLTA)
  • Miss E Allenden

Year Group Overviews

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term

Year 6 upcoming dates 2023-24

  • SATs week: Monday 13th May - Thursday 16th May 2024
  • Transition day: Thursday 11th July 2024
  • Sheringham trip: 15th - 17th July 2024
  • Year 6 final assembly in the Larch: Friday 19th July 2024