The A Level Film Studies course charts the development of commercial film production and also covers analytical approaches to watching film as an active rather than passive spectator. It explores conventions followed by Hollywood and diverse methods used in independent film making and Global Film. Its practical coursework element allows students to create their own film or script.

This course builds on enthusiasm that students already have relating to film and media production. It teaches them to understand these on a deeper level and to apply some theoretical tools of analysis to the methods employed to manipulate an audience response. It also contextualises film production so that social, historical and technical influences are recognised, thus enriching their general experience and appreciation of film. 

The opportunity to relate practical experience with theory makes this a highly successful way for a student to encounter academic disciplines relating to research and analysis. It encourages independent learning and teaches a number of study skills that can also be used in other subjects. Above all, it offers an opportunity to reflect on media that influence the daily lives of all young people today. 

Curriculum Map

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs B Freeth
  • Mr D Harrold