The purpose of the Psychology curriculum is to spark questions in students about their own minds and experiences from the everyday to the extraordinary. Psychology addresses the scientific study of mind and behaviour and so equips students with a better understanding of the human condition. Students are inspired to ask questions which have yet to be answered and to develop an understanding of how to apply theory and research to contemporary issues. Psychology relies on a wide range of skills from the rigour of scientific experimentation and mathematical data analysis to the development and expression of reasoned arguments within current debates. Students are introduced to synoptic threads that weave together through apparently disparate topic areas. They learn about the perpetual conflict between validity and reliability and how to evaluate the appropriateness of scientific methods for the study of complex human behaviour.

Throughout the course, students have agency through a choice of topic areas, individual projects, learning styles and the use of a flipped learning approach. They learn how to appreciate the limitations of models and theories from a range of different paradigms in the quest for understanding.

Curriculum Map

KS4 GCSE revision support

Teaching Staff

  • Miss S Matuszak
  • Mrs C Selby
  • Mr C Prendergast