Learning Sociology encourages students to be inquisitive about the world in which they live, the social groups they belong to and the areas of social life that impact upon their lives. Through their study of Sociology, students develop a greater understanding and awareness of social, political and legal changes in society and the implications of these on human behaviour and relationships. Sociology students are encouraged to be analytical, challenge assumptions and question social phenomena they are familiar with; to consider the impartiality of the media and the social construction of criminality. Students are excited by the way that Sociology encourages them to look at the world in new ways and dig deep to look at the questions behind the questions, in order to find solutions to contemporary social issues in an increasingly global society. Therefore, as a subject, it has a strong appeal, adds value and becomes indispensable through its direct bearing upon many of the critical problems of our modern complex world.

Curriculum Map

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Y Adshead
  • Mrs J McGovern
  • Mr S Robins