We aim for our students to become numerate in multiple settings across society, and to understand the real life applications of the subject. Our subject helps students with essential underpinning mathematical knowledge to enable them to access further education and employment opportunities.

From an early age, students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their range of mathematical knowledge, and are asked to communicate their ideas in an accurate, efficient, and increasingly elegant way.

Therefore the purpose of the Mathematics curriculum is to develop confident and secure mathematicians, who can independently apply their knowledge and skills. Students are encouraged to employ a variety of techniques to become fluent, reason and analyse mathematically to problem solve.

Across the All-through school, our curriculum is designed to challenge all students who are supported to become resilient, curious, and creative thinkers. They will be equipped to recall and apply skills through: exploring concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts; and deepening understanding towards mastery of each element. Skills are both intra-connected through the maths curriculum, and inter-connected across the school.

Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stages 1 and 2

The All-through curriculum map for mathematics begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage, where children are first introduced to mathematical concepts including number, and shape, space and measure. 

For key stages 1 and 2, a number of units will be covered in each term. The map outlines an approximate period of time that the class will spend on each unit. Some units will interleave within each year group, so that students are able to revisit and deepen their understanding of key concepts. 

Critical mathematical concepts such as number and place value are prevalent across all year groups. The knowledge and skills required to be secure in these areas require regular coverage, to ensure that the students develop mathematical fluency and confidence. In each year group, the students will be introduced to more complex concepts, to deepen their knowledge and understanding and build on previous learning. 

From Year 1 to Year 6, students will take part in mathematical fluency sessions, in addition to their daily mathematics lessons. In these sessions, they will recap and revise learning from previous units. This will enable them to recall basic mathematical functions which underpin skills as they progress through the school.

Curriculum Map

Maths fluency in the Larch

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs S Pope (Head of Department)
  • Mr R Klippel
  • Mrs E Bennett
  • Mr C Townsend
  • Mr J Wells
  • Mrs A Chapman
  • Miss S Wren
  • Mr M Allred
  • Mr B Major
  • Mrs L Slade
  • Mrs K Boyce (Primary subject champion)
  • Miss M Williams (Primary subject champion)