Assessments provide students with goals to work towards and challenges them to perform at their highest abilities. Successfully completing exams builds confidence and offers students the opportunity to celebrate achievements, which is important for students at any age.

In the 2 months before an exam, preparation for the exam (practice) must intensify and be for at least 4 x 20 minutes (Grades 1 - 5) or 5 x 30 minutes (Grades 6+) sessions per week. Practice should involve going over all aspects of the exam and in the final month running the pieces as if at a performance.

Our advice regarding practice is here:

Your involvement in this preparation is crucial so that routines are established. Support is available before school for students to book and come in at 8am.

Before the exam day:

A timetable will be sent out by email.

On the exam day:

Have breakfast. Have a bottle of water. The musician should arrive at the exam 15 minutes before their time so that they can warm up and get ready.

Below are the links to the exams we offer, so that you and the student have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the exam and how they are assessed. Please familiarise yourself with this.

Music Medals (ABRSM)

Taken in our primary phase. An explanation of how these exams work can be found below.

Trinity Graded Exams

Grades 1 - 8. This includes a demonstration video of an exam.

Trinity Rock and Pop exams

Grades 1 - 8. Select the instrument and grade on this external page.