Our Instrumental and Vocal Programme provides a standard of musical success, from beginner through to advanced levels.

If we all work together, amazing things can happen.



Working together

Success in this programme relies on us all working together, including your support at home with practice. We are one team.


Students explore a variety of styles and periods, ensuring they gain a wide range of knowledge.


A thoughtful and consistent approach to the development of ear training and sight reading provides students with a solid foundation for independent creative music exploration


A national standard for exams, with independent, third party assessment provides students with goals to work towards and challenges them to perform at their highest abilities.

Successfully completing exams builds confidence and offers students the opportunity to celebrate achievements.


Being a young musician requires both determination and self-discipline but it is almost unparalleled in terms of the rewards and satisfaction it can bring. Years of pleasure lie ahead for your child and we hope both you and your child enjoy this time.

Understanding the Language of Music

Music has often been described as an international language that communicates more profoundly than words. The study of theory opens the door to a deeper understanding of the language of music and provides the skills that will support a lifetime of music making.

It shows students how the basic elements of music - rhythm, melody and harmony - work together. With this knowledge, they are able to learn music more efficiently, to perform it with greater understanding, and to communicate their creative ideas more effectively.

Unlocking potential

The study of music provides a wonderful avenue to help musicians develop confidence and boost their creativity. Music students are more likely to reach their full academic potential. Cognitive benefits include better memory and attention skills, enhanced language skill and improved brain function.

Practice – how to support and be successful

Assessment & Exams – the benchmarks of progress

Woodwind Instruments

Brass Instruments