Every piano or keyboard player is either in this School, or the School of Popular Music.

Performance is at the heart of the School of Piano Studies. Every musician in this school is a performer and we aim to inspire you and give you invaluable experience.

Throughout your learning as part of this school you will receive

  • Weekly one to one tuition
  • Regular performance classes, to build skills and confidence
  • Internal and external recitals
  • Masterclasses
  • Guidance on being an accompanist, if suitable
  • Joining a suitable ensemble when ready

Being a pianist is an art, a skill, a passion. Musicians achieve through practice and listening, both to themselves and others.

Every musician in the School of Piano Studies should feel part of this school and the wider department. Just because they are mainly not in an ensemble does not mean they are not as important as musicians to our school. Keyboard players and ‘rock’ musicians should be part of the School of Popular Music.

We achieve this ethos of inclusion through workshops, masterclasses and performances. Every musician in this school should aim to perform twice a year in a concert, showcase or event.