From September 2022

We are changing slightly how we communicate about lessons.

The aim is to reduce the number of emails we send, and to have everything accessible from one link. All information for new and existing musicians is here. Please take time to read this through carefully.

Using this link, you have access to all timetables and information about lessons across the school. This is the one link you need. Students should use this link, families at home should use this link. From here, most things can be found!

Timetables for lessons for Year 5 and above (through to 13) will be posted by the end of Friday in the previous week. Students and families should please over the weekend check lesson times and set reminders. Days of the week usually do not change, to make things easier. Lessons for students in Years 2 to 4 are on the same day each week and students are fetched by the teachers. We will send a Friday reminder to the links page, but it is the responsibility of the musician and families to remember to check lesson times!

For lessons in the music centre (Year 5 onwards), please watch this video to see round the music centre.


Information about lessons, along with a detailed FAQs can be found here:

Instrumental & Vocal Programme

Information about practice, and to sign up for supervised practice, can be found here:


If you have a question having looked at these pages and links, please email

At all times, we are here to help. I am hoping that these links will answer most questions!

Mark Taylor, Director of Music