Our musicians don't give up! Enjoy a feast of music curated during the past few months and delight at our amazing students. They are playing, performing and being creative despite all circumstances.

So please join Simon Balle Music performing for you as part of this online Festival.

Our musicians were given the chance to take part in this project. So many submitted recordings we have a feast of music for you. From piano recitals to singing performances, instrumental pieces and the Simon Balle Big Band and friends with 500 Miles. Rock School also met online and collaborated using Soundtrap to produce some fantastic recordings.

Please take time to have a browse and discover hidden gems of performances from our musicians. They will make you smile and realise our music continues, even if we cannot be live at the moment.

I can guarantee you a smile when you watch these films. Do share with families and friends. There will be more to come in the future! Fingers crossed for live as well, if we can.

Mark Taylor, Director of Music.

Rock School, remotely

Our amazing rock school have recorded these pieces remotely using Soundtrap. Congratulations to all for the marvelous quality. There are 4 bands on this playlist - scroll up within the playlist.
Band A
Keys | Caden
Drums | Ollie
Guitar | Archie
Bass  | William
Singer | Otis
Band C
Bass | Hannah
Drums | Alex
Keyboard | Sam
Vocals | Tommy
Guitar | Aidan
Band D
Guitar | Cassius
Vocals | Summer
Drums | Boris
Band E
Guitar and Vocals | Lewis
Bass | Ethan
Drums | Archie

Pianists in Years 7 – 9 have put together this lovely recital showcasing their talent.

Our pianists from Years 10 – 13. Some lovely gems of performances here.

Our singers here have excelled themselves with these brilliant performances

Here is a lovely recital featuring musicians who asked to take part following a ‘shout out’ to all!

500 Miles – the Simon Balle Big Band and friends

Isabel in Year 13 created this wonderful performance of ‘Somebody I used to know’.

Please help us to support our musicians through these challenging times. Every donation goes to support our music.