The School of Strings provides an environment to learn to the highest level.

We aim to produce proficient and adaptable musicians who have a passion for their instrument. Our policy of musical participation from Year 2 onwards ensures that import skills are developed outside the one to one lesson.

These include:

  • Orchestras and ensembles
  • Chamber Music
  • Masterclasses
  • Performances
  • Concerts
  • Exams

Our youngest musicians start on the violin or the cello as part of our Strings Training Programme in Year 2. From there, ensemble work is an early part of development and learning.

When they join the School of Strings, guitarists are be assessed to confirm this is the style for them (and not popular music). They are then supported so that they feel part of the ethos of the school and wider department.

Progression through the school is supported through:

  • The Termly Guitar Platform
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Senior Guitar ensemble
  • Solo performances
  • Progress certificates
  • Grade exams
  • Recordings
  • Masterclasses