Our largest School, we support all our musicians from our youngest beginners in Year 3 through to Diplomas and those on our European Tours.

All Wind and Brass first study musicians are part of this school. Drummers choose, according to their musical interest, to be in this School or the School of Popular Music.

All musicians have one to one lessons with teachers assigned according to instrument and musical interest. These lessons are part of the ‘bigger picture’ of learning that includes:

  • Ensembles
  • Solo and Duo performances
  • Performance classes
  • Exams, including diplomas
  • Regular concerts
  • Masterclasses with visiting musicians
  • European Tours
  • Performances at national venues
  • Recordings
  • ‘Inspire’ primary workshops, with Junior Wind

Jazz is also a huge part of what our musicians love to learn and we provide many opportunities in this genre including exams and performances.

Ensembles are at the heart of our work and all in the school should be in them as required.

  • The Simon Balle Concert Band (with over 60 musicians)
  • The Simon Balle Big Band
  • Saxidentals
  • Big Band 2
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Junior Wind Band
  • Junior Saxes
  • Larch Wind Band

Progression and development within the school of wind, brass and percussion

This chart shows what our musicians should be aiming for in the future!

Progress is made through musical achievement - what the ability is on the instrument.