The exam board is Eduqas.

Parts of the exam:

Performance - 30%. One x solo (with backing track), 1 x ensemble. Both recordings submitted with the sheet music on google classroom. To be completed by Easter.


Composition - 30%. 1 x free composition, with written account. 1 x composition written to a brief set by the exam board, with written account. Each composition should be at least 2 minutes long. To be completed by Easter.


Listening (written) paper. 40%. 12 questions, including 1 question each on two set works - Bach Badinerie and Toto's Africa. In the questions, you are asked to use musical words to describe what you can hear.


In advance of September, please can you listen to these podcasts several times and ensure you have understood the key words mentioned. Please list the keywords under each heading, so you know which category they are in. For example - homophonic comes under texture. You need to be logged in to google to access them. You should be able to hear the sound of a trumpet and know it is a trumpet. You should be able to hear a particular tempo and know it is moderato, or presto.


1. Instrumentation - the names of instruments and what they sound like.

2. Rhythm and Tempo

3. Different voice names and types

4. Keywords to describe a melody

5. Texture keywords - the layers in music

6. Ornamentation in music - the bits that add to the music - trills etc

7. Time signatures  - such as 4 crotchet beats in a bar