Hello everyone,

Do have a read of this page and watch the introduction video together for your instrument. Backing tracks for use later in the programme are also on this page. Enjoy using them and performing at home! The 2023 charge for 2 terms of group tuition is £55 per term and includes an instrument to practice with at home.

An introduction to the programme from Mark Taylor, Director of Music

Simon Balle Music is….. an overview of our music!

Violins – Strings Training Programme – Introduction

Cellos – Strings Training Programme – Introduction

Violin backing tracks

Cello backing tracks

Final Page Tracks

Violin Star 1

Violin Star 2

The ethos behind our String Training Programme for Year 2 is ‘little and often’.

At the start of the programme, children will learn how to hold and use the violins or cellos. Later on, they will pluck the strings and use the bow, as well as learning to read music. This reading of music is also being learnt gradually in the class lessons with Mrs Nunn.

On Fridays, the instruments should go home. Practice 2 or 3 times for 10 minutes over each weekend. Bring back in for the lesson the next week having practised.

Practice – you sitting with your child, helping them to get out the instrument and hold it. Get then to play a few notes and please praise them at every stage – take an interest yourself! They cannot be left alone initially to work on this – that will come after Christmas!

If you have any questions, please email me. music@simonballe.herts.sch.uk

We will regularly publish pictures and recordings of work so you can again celebrate and praise. Without your help and support, this will not work!

Enjoy the music!

Mark Taylor, Director of Music

Please use this resource as a last resort, Mrs Nunn & Mrs Johnson are around all week to help tune string instruments, or to answer any instrument queries. Please bring your instrument to one of them for help.